Tuesday, June 15, 2010


standing on the bridge. I designed the bridge as 'S' shaped.

the meeting table.

the two simple elevators. From this view, the bridge looks like white cloud which is my design idea.

the left is Helen Keller 's office, the right one is Miranda Kerr's oficce.As Helen Keller is an author, I designed her office as simple rectangle shaped. And for Miranda Kerr, I used circle and curved shape to built her office.

the whole view of the crysis war,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MUSHUP of 3 clients' articles.

Angela Merkel looks likely to receive a drubbing at the ballot box today, in her first electoral test since her conservatives formed a coalition government with the liberals last autumn. Her no-nonsense, laissez-faire approch to problem solving eamed the east German physicist and pastor's daughter many plaudits when she came to power in 2005, but she has seen her popularity slump in the space of three months from 70% to 48%.

Picture of Helen Keller as a child revealed after 120 years. " It is a beautigul composition. it is not even the individual element. it is the fact it has all of the component." Jan Seymour Ford, a reserch librarian for the build in Massachusetts said of the dicovery.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has spoken about her heartbreak at losting a loved one in a car accident and how it taught her to cherish life.


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